What are Paid Features of Outlook : Premium Account

What are Paid Features of Outlook : Premium Account

Outlook is one of the most popular email clients that has ever existed on this series of tubes that we call the internet. Even though email messaging has become a thing of the past for many people but on the other hand a dedicated few still believe it to be one of the most amazing forms of communication over the internet. I personally I am someone who likes to have their hands on their email services for official issues regarding places like banks, schools, colleges etc. An email is a necessity for setting up accounts on third-party website services like social media platforms, movie streaming services, shopping websites. Over the use of the internet, one name has remained synonymous with the world of email. The website that was talking about Goes by the name of outlook.com. In my personal opinion it is one of the best email and services that you can get out there but with some hidden paid features you can get almost anything done with it. Today we are going to be having a look at some of the paid features that are offered by the amazing Outlook service.

Paid Features of Outlook

About Outlook Paid Features

Outlook is a popular emailing service that is owned by Microsoft. The outlook was released at hotmail.com in early 1996 and ever since then, it has been developing at a rapidly fast pace. Many changes have been made to the mailing service and over the decades it has become an efficient way of communication online. Even though the outlook is free of cost for most people to use as one can easily sign up for free by visiting outlooks official website. There are some features that you can unlock easily when you pay for the service.

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Paid Features Offered By Outlook/Hotmail

Many people are not aware of the paid features that are offered by the outlook on its website. The paid service is mainly aimed at Businessman who are looking forward to organizing that small to large scale business with great emailing service. Here we are going to be showing you what all can be done with the paid features –

  • Recognize text in images and translate them according to all of you needs as well as you can easily copy paste text from images that are added in the mail body.
  • Easily add or remove users to your Azure server which comes with the paid Outlook service.
  • Add or remove vendors to your business with a simple approval procedure that can be added to your Outlook.
  • After you get a trello card and automatic event creation would take place which would allow you to get notifications regarding it.
  • Get notifications overall platforms when you receive a mail from Outlook.
  • Businesses can I add admin privileges as well as a managerial position to all of their email account in order to observe all of their employees.
  • You can now easily request Approval for dynamics 365 using your business Central option available in Outlook.

Final Words

These were some of the best features offered by Outlook in its premium or paid account, you can also try using Office 365 to improve your business productivity.

What are Paid Features of Outlook : Premium Account
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