Top 5 Popular Email Services in United Kingdom : 2019

Top 5 Popular Email Services in United Kingdom : 2019

The internet has been around for a long time now and communication through it is something that has remained constant over the years. Today we are going to be having a look at some of the best ever email and services that are available in the country of United Kingdom. We all know that UK is a very technologically advanced country out there and any development heads right over to the UK and Great Britain as soon as it is popularised in the mainstream culture. Ever since the internet has been around the UK has been one of the topmost consumers and their Technology as well as has spread the business all around the world.

Popular Email Services in United Kingdom

Here are the top five emailing services that one can get if they are looking forward to communicating online.

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Top 5 Popular Email Services in the United Kingdom

  • 1. GMAIL


Gmail is one of the most popular in mailing services and the entire world with the largest user base available out there. There are almost 1 billion people already signed up for the Gmail service out there and have been using it to their advantage. Ever since its release Gmail has been available in the UK and has grown to become one of the largest email and service provider of this era.

  • 2. OUTLOOK


Considering the fact that outlook is just behind Gmail and terms of its services as well as the largest user base it should be taken into account that it is still one of the best email services available out there. People from the UK prefer more of Outlook rather than Gmail because of this week and definite aww user interface that comes with it. It all boys down to personal preference in the end game.

  • 3. YAHOO


Ever since the early 2000 Yahoo Mail has been a part of a day to day lives. People from all around the world are already aware of the services that are offered by it. The main reason why Yahoo has a huge user attraction is that of its fast mailing and unique GUI design.

  • 4. AOL

AOL or America online is one of the most popular old-school email and service available to date and has been helping out uses for a really long time. The best part about AOL email something that is skipped by many people out there. AOL is pretty much used for Maintaining free inbox from spam and ensuring that you can keep your messages sorted.

  • 5. YANDEX


In a recent survey, it was found that people from the UK have been using the Russian email and service in the form of Yandex in order to create temporary email ids. This is one of the most rising platforms in emailing services out there. With the help of Yandex, you can easily send and receive free email messages. The only drawback to using indexes that the security level on the email service is very low in it is not recommended to use it as your main email account.

Top 5 Popular Email Services in United Kingdom : 2019
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