How to Send Confidential Email in Hotmail & Gmail

How to Send Confidential Email in Hotmail & Gmail

The internet is a world which is full of surprises and every day we are looking forward to getting more features out of all devices when we are looking forward to exploring more of the environment on the internet. Over the years the internet has developed so much and all of the credit of this pretty much goes to the betterment in communication services which has allowed people to easily send messages to their loved ones for free of cost. Today we are going to be talking about one such method of messaging over the internet with the help of Hotmail and Gmail. The main agenda of the day is to ensure that one can send and receive emails from all around the world for free of cost with the ability to remain potentially safe online.

Today we are going to be having a look at the confidentiality that one can receive through Hotmail and Gmail emailing services online. We all have been using email services for a long time now. I personally am someone who is looking forward to moving to a better future where one can easily communicate through the Internet without having to worry about any kind of hacking.

How to send confidential email

How to Remain Confidential on the Internet

It is quite difficult to remain Incognito on the internet especially when you are trying to stay under the radar. There are always sources which are trying to track your movement over the internet when you are trying to remain Incognito and ensure that you don’t attract much attention.

It is common knowledge that many government organizations to track the uses of the people in order to ensure that no illegal activities are committed online. In order to remain confidential on the Internet, one has to try to remain Incognito as well as use special services like VPN and proxy. In order to send emails with the safety of confidentiality, one can rely on Gmail as well as Outlook because they both have their very own confidential modes.

How to Send Confidential Emails Online

Google and Outlook are places where one can easily send confidential emails to people for free of cost. Here’s how you can do the same using your very own email website.

  • Open up Gmail on your device.
  • Now simply click on the compose button.

confidential step 1

  • Add bottom right corner you will find a confidential mode setting.
  • Like this mode and easily send and receive confidential emails over the internet through your Gmail account.
  • You can add extra security layers by ensuring that only specific mobile numbers and SMS passcodes can open up the following email.

In Outlook: Simple Method

For Outlook you need to have the desktop Outlook email messenger installed. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to send a confidential email with the help of Outlook.

  • Click on compose mail.
  • In properties select the confidential email in security settings.
  • Now simply send and receive confidential emails over the internet.
How to Send Confidential Email in Hotmail & Gmail
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